Aurora 4 - Total power for your mobile devices

Aurora 4

Introducing the Aurora, herald of the sun.

The Aurora is named for the Roman goddess of the dawn, who renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of her brother Sol.

Fast charging

The Aurora 4 is designed to work with your USB based devices. Its internal circuitry is designed to efficiently produce clean, pure power to charge your gadgets. The Aurora 4 can charge at a rate of 800mA per hour, faster than charging your device via your computer*!

Made for Outdoors

Ripstop nylon encloses the solar cells, making for a very durable and weather-resistant product. Using the two grommets, securing the Aurora to a tent, a backpack, a railing or anywhere else becomes a snap. We recommend using carabiners as an easy and simple method of securing your Aurora.

Easy to Use

Using an Aurora solar panel is as easy as unfolding it and plugging in your device. That is it. As soon as you plug it in, charging will start. When your device is fully charged, just unplug it, fold the Aurora up and you are ready to go.

Transports Easily

When folded up, the Aurora is about the size of a paperback book. Thin and light, the Aurora 4 weighs just 178g, less than most mobile phones. Easily carried in a backpack, handbag, briefcase or even a large pocket.

Newest Technology

The Aurora incorporates CIGS solar cells. CIGS stands for Copper Indium Gallium deSelenide and is currently one of the leading Thin Film technologies in both power and reliability. CIGS is very stable due to its crystalline elemental structure, therefore it will not degrade like other solar Thin Film technologies (amorphous Silicon) and works better in low-light conditions (slightly cloudy) than crystalline solar technologies (mono- and polycrystalline).

Good for everyday use and even better for traveling

Many of today's portable electronics, be it a mobile phone, media player or digital camera, can be charged with a USB cable which means most of them can be charged with an Aurora. Whether you are at a sunny Cafe, on a dazzling beach, or hiking majestic mountains, the Aurora will keep your electronics going.