Charge All Your Portable Electronic Devices with a single portable solar charger

Magento Extensions by velite™

Super Light

Our most popular Aurora chargers weigh less than a paperback book.

Charge all of Your Devices

me2solar solutions power any portable electronic device that can recharge through USB.

Save money and CO2

Imagine being able to power your portable devices anywhere in the world using clean, free solar energy.

Tough & flexible

Durable, adaptable and portable. Our products are simple and easy to use.

Aurora - simple solar panels for everyone

  • Weighs from just 113g
  • Folds to just 1.3cm deep
  • Works worldwide
  • Charges most phones, cameras and media players
  • Durable and weatherproof
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Xpedition - ultimate mobile power generator

  • Powerful and heavy duty
  • Weighs from 830g
  • Charge laptops and 12V electronics
  • Works worldwide
  • Durable and weatherproof
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